Dr Gallini Clinic provides psychological first aid services to individuals who need immediate psychological care as a result of crises or traumatic events that require immediate intervention to reassure them, calm them down, and approach them as people without issuing judgments, while meeting their needs, supporting them with information, and linking them to the available environmental and human resources that will enable them to get out of the current crisis. With minimal psychological damage.
 All this is done through a trained team specialized in therapeutic interventions aimed at stopping the “psychological bleeding” as a result of the traumatic event and disasters of all kinds, especially as they cause psychological damage that is much more severe than physical injuries and to build psychological resilience and resilience that enables the individual to overcome the event and reduce the risk of exposure to subsequent psychological disorders, including anxiety disorder Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, sadness and anxiety, which reflects on the quality of life and hinders his ability to perform the simplest daily tasks. It is a therapeutic approach with real effectiveness through which the therapist emphasizes his understanding of the difficulty of the event, reassuring the client, understanding his needs, and assuring him of the importance of taking care of himself and those he loves.