Dr. Gallini Clinic offers happiness therapy, which is a modern therapeutic approach that aims to help individuals by raising their level of psychological well-being through a set of strategies that focus on what most distinguishes us as human beings, which is what distinguishes us by our ability to understand reality more wisely and rationally and act constructively. Based on the data of reality in the light of our achievements as individuals, which make us feel proud and happy, and rather we are proud of being the causative factor through our choices until we reach a true understanding of happiness, especially that it is a decision regardless of the circumstances around us. The treatment plan within this approach is to work within axes, including expanding the individual's perceptions, understanding the wisdom of the events around him, and how to create a life routine that facilitates the individual's access to a happy life by improving the quality of life and focusing on positivity. All of the above is done through a systematic treatment program within sessions arranged according to the needs The client and what is appropriate for him, and what distinguishes this approach from other therapeutic approaches is looking at the individual with humanity and always helping him to realize what he finds in his reality of blessings through gratitude for what is present and not searching for what is missing and bringing the individual to a sense of euphoria and happiness by enjoying the simplest achievements whether At the level of work, family, or the level of personal and social relations.