Life coaching is a professional practice that aims to help individuals thrive in life by living according to their strength and seeking to reach goals and achieve psychological well-being and well-being in general in all areas of life. This service is provided by qualified trainers who establish a professional relationship between the trainer and the service seeker whose goal is Bringing about a positive change in many aspects of an individual’s life in order to reach psychological well-being, achieve compatibility with values, focus on strengths and know weaknesses in order to overcome obstacles and successfully manage life transitions. Here, it must be clarified that life training is provided to ordinary individuals to help them achieve specific life goals While the treatment focuses on people who suffer from psychological problems and disorders, it also looks at the relationship between the trainer and the service seeker as an equal partnership relationship and to include the idea of the expert and the beginner. Its goal is to gain a new vision and also create new habits to help individuals thrive and achieve It aims to satisfy life needs within all aspects of life, personal, social, family and professional.